Wide Reading Assessment- NCEA Level 2

This year, students will undertake a reading project. They will read a minimum of six texts that all express an element of gothic fiction. The texts will be self-selected and must not have been studied


Concepts and Influences in Frankenstein

Find out more about the concepts/ influences listed, considering in what ways they might be relevant to the story of Frankenstein. On your blog, write a short paragraph about each concept/influence and its relevance to


The Introduction in Frankenstein

Read the Introduction that is in the books at the back of the classroom. It is written by Mary Shelley for the 1831 edition of the novel. You will find it after the “Note on

“The Creation”

When Victor Frankenstein arrives home to Geneva, an unexpected guest is already there. As our interactions with Frankenstein’s creation continue to grow, it is important that we look at how Frankenstein thinks of his “project”.  


Frankenstein-Chapters 1-4

After reading the opening letters and first four chapters of Frankenstein by MAry Shelley, we are going to explore some of the contexts around the novel as well as delve deeper into the story and its language.


Frankenstein- Foreshadowing Chapter 2

After reading the opening two chapters of Frankenstein, we have spotted many instances of foreshadowing about the fate of our narrator and protagonist. Students will explore how the fate of Victor Frankenstein is foreshadowed below,


Tone and Mood

The next stage of our exploration of The Tell-Tale Heart is centered around how tone and mood are developed in the narrative.   Tone (in fiction) is the attitude of the narrator or viewpoint character toward story

The Gothic Protagonist

Following the reading of The Tell-Tale Heart, we will now explore how the narrator of that story meets the criteria for the gothic protagonist. Below are a set of descriptors that we discussed and debated in class.  

The Tell Tale Heart- Edgar Allan Poe

To kick start our study of the genre “gothic fiction”, we will be exploring the short story, “The Tell Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe. First published in 1843, the narrative is relayed by an

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