2.5 Speaking Assessment

Below are the resources that you will need to work on your 2.5 speaking assessment.   The Task   The Instructional Video feat. Mrs. Plunkett The Structure Help Below are two approaches you could use for the


Cinematography Techniques- Help!

As we have discussed in class over the past couple of weeks, Burton has an arsenal of techniques which he uses over and over in his films. Our discussions about these over the last few

2.4- The Film Task

    We also brainstormed some approaches that you could take in terms of structure yesterday. Below is the photo from the board following our discussion. The information is typed out below the photo for


2.4 Writing Portfolio- The Enlightenment Task

    John Locke’s “An Essay Concerning Human Understanding” originally published in 1689  


A Gothic Setting

Kia Ora Level 2 English! Below is the setting task you guys are currently working on while I am away. You can email me with questions or we can discuss this work on Monday when


The Gothic Antagonist

Yesterday, we discussed the common characteristics of a gothic antagonist. As we read and explore more gothic fiction texts, we will look to develop, expand or remove some of these characteristics but for now, we


Level 2 Gothic Protagonist Slide Collaboration

Below is the link to our Goolge Slides collaboration. Joint note slideshow here!  

Wide Reading Assessment- NCEA Level 2

This year, students will undertake a reading project. They will read a minimum of six texts that all express an element of gothic fiction. The texts will be self-selected and must not have been studied

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