Wide Reading Assessment- NCEA Level 2

This year, students will undertake a reading project. They will read a minimum of six texts that all express an element of gothic fiction. The texts will be self-selected and must not have been studied in great depth in class. After reading each text, students will record their response to the text and examine how the creator of the text used an element of gothic fiction. Their responses will be presented on their blogs.


Written Exemplars at Excellence Level

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The suggested list of reading can be found here.


Posted by Renee Plunkett

Teacher of English at Mount Aspiring College, Wanaka, New Zealand.

  1. If picture is hard to read.
    * Lead with something attention grabbing.
    * State the name of the text, the creator and what type of text it is.
    * Give a brief outline of the plot.
    * Identify the elements you will discuss.
    Main Body:
    * Explain your chosen element
    * Describe how the creator uses the element with evidence form the text ie. language features
    * Analyse your reaction to the element
    How/why do you think you reacted
    What way? Experiences? Traditional response? Creator’s intention?
    –You are not limited to how many elements you respond to–
    * Friendly Hint – Include 2 pieces of analysed evidence
    * Summary statements
    * Parting thoughts about the text/ element discussed


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