2.4- The Film Task



We also brainstormed some approaches that you could take in terms of structure yesterday. Below is the photo from the board following our discussion. The information is typed out below the photo for you.



Structure Idea- Number One

Introduction: Outline your two films and your selected techniques.

Body Paragraph 1:

  • Explain technique 1
  • Discuss how the technique is used in text 1 (evidence)
  • Discuss how the technique is used in text 2 (evidence)
  • Analyse Burton’s intention with the technique in the texts
  • Explore impact on the audience and the connection to gothic fiction.

Body Paragraph 2 and 3: repeat the above structure but for your second and third techniques.




Structure Idea- Number Two


Body Paragraph 1:

  • Discuss the three techniques used in Sleepy Hollow (evidence)
  • Analyse Burton’s intentions
  • Discuss the impact on the audience

Body Paragraph 2: repeat but for Sweeney Todd

Body Paragraph 3: Consider how the genre of gothic fiction is upheld/developed across both films by the techniques used.



As discussed in class, these are ideas only. It is always wise to weave your analysis throughout the exploration of the evidence if you wish to aim for a higher grade as it is a more sophisticated¬†way to construct an essay. You can use these ‘structures’ as a checklist- have I included all these elements in my paragraph and have I done so in a logical manner?


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